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New Series Of Voodoo & Prayers Sessions From Moojaa.

For the first in the Voodoo & Prayers Sessions, I wanted to compile a distinctively afro orientated mix to show case the way Africa is influencing House music today.

The African Influence

Bringing in influences from Africa with touches of Afro Beat & Hi-Life has always been something of influence within my sets and finding Melodic, Deep House and Techno that fuses the sounds of this beautiful continent is something I love to do. I have Condensed just some of the amazing music that is out there in to this Afro Session. Summons the ancestors and bring forth the medicine and allow yourself to lose control in the music. Placing in the forefront some of the amazing artists (as listed below) that have all felt the influence of Africa. Thank you to them for the music and to you for your ears and time to listen.

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1. hraach - Hidden Dimension (Kora Remix) - Bar 25 2. CeeElAssaad - Mama Africa feat. Ade Alafia (Voodoo Mix) - MoBlack Records 3. MòoJo - N’golo - Mobile Records 4. Mass Digital - Atete - ZEHN Records 5. DanielRateuke - Abangane - Elements 1 6. Floyd Lavine, KhofhiTheKing - Ghost of Harare (Original Mix) - Rise Music 7. Levi Love - Matty's Room ft. Daddy Molete - Mas O Menos 8. Reyou - Lifting Me - Connected Frontline 9. david mayer - The Call - Ouie 10.Gersound - The Sun - ZEHN Records 11. AlexFogo - Shelter(Original Mix)

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