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Double Music Pleasure

This month Moojaa has been busy on the mix front with two scorching Ibiza Music mixes for you uploaded and ready to stream on Mixcloud.

First up is the scintillating 'Silencio Por La Hora Mágica - Uno' captivating the hour before the Sun leaves the day is the magic hour. Make space for the gratitude of the day as you sway to the music. This is the time where we become excited for the night, the time we gratefully dance in the dark when things become more intense and we begin to fill with wonder, music and dance.

But for the moment let's keep our "silence for the magic hour".


The second helping of sun-drenched music is taken from Moojaa's 2-hour set recorded live from the Poolside at Pikes Ibiza for the magical event that is "Cosmic Pineapple".

A coming together every month of the spiritual and healing community of Ibiza, all for charity and the sharing of love and like-minded souls. Soak in the atmosphere of the original club Tropicana, sipping on your favourite drink and floating in the middle of the pool, whilst Moojaa takes you on a Funky, Afrocentric, disco-infused, electronica journey.

Life just got so much better..!

You can follow the event here:

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